Can’t Stop

I’m sitting here, shaking from the cold
The cold that comes with the tiredness,
But I can not leave it – I can not leave the thoughts in peace
I can not stop to wonder – what would be

What would be of everything, if I just got the chance
The chance to show that it was for real
Not some fake try, just to get closer.
But a real try, for something good.

I can not stop to wonder – if she thought the same.
I can not stop to wonder – if it was her choice or not.
I can not stop to wonder – how could that person think like that?
I can’t stop…

I wish

I wish you could touch my hair
Move your hand in my hair
Pull your fingers threw it.

I wish you could hear my breath
Lay on my chest,
hear my deep breathing,

I wish you could hug me
Put your arms around me
Squish them hard around me

I wish you where here
So you could hear me talk
Instead of reading this.


What is love?
How do I know if I’m in love
Love, a mistery, an unsolved one
A mistery that don’t have anwsers
Anwsers that I want
Do you have the anwsers?
Could you say what love is?

Is love something in the stomeck
Or is it just something strange and wonderful
The most wonderful thing in the world
Something I want
Something evryone need