Star Trek Rap

21:49 -!- Graft|home [~opera@*.lv] has joined
21:49 <@Macrosun> and then he said Gra.. err nm
21:50 <@Macrosun> damnit graft! you dropped in on a very exciting
story i was telling about you behind your back
21:50 <@Iriche> damn you graft..
21:54 < Graft|home> lol
21:54 <@ShadowGod> …several minutes later
21:55  * Masta slaps Graft|home around a bit with a large trout
21:55 <@Macrosun> …in a galaxy far, far away
21:55 <@ShadowGod> …on a planet named
21:55 <@Macrosun> …the genesis device was being prepared for launch
21:56 <@ShadowGod> …but it was time for lunch
21:57 <@Macrosun> …so kirk had some ceti eel
21:58 <@ShadowGod> ..which Bones watched with zeal
21:59 <@Macrosun> …suddenly, scotty beamed them up
21:59 <@ShadowGod> ..and kirk threw up
22:00 <@Macrosun> …and the redshirt died from the shock
22:00 <@Iriche> …then the blue shirt came
22:00 <@ShadowGod> ..from the size of kirk’s cock
22:01 <@Iriche> was very tiny, smaller then no man have gone
22:01 <@Macrosun> …for some reason, the star trek rap
started playing through the ship’s intercom
22:01 <@ShadowGod> ..spock thought it was whack
22:02 <@Iriche> … and all stated to breakdance
22:02 <@ShadowGod> ..without wearing pants
22:02 <@Iriche> .. cause spock took them
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Midsummer with parents and granpa

Where out eating today with my parents and my grandpa, a nice little place close to the sea here in Ystad.
This will be one of the last posts here from Ystad, going home tomorrow morning.
Then I will see if I can go out biking all next week around in Stockholm. Got to do the laundry too, which kinda sucks.

Oh right, I found a funny movie a while back, can aswell post it here now.

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Break, I hope this time

Well I have tried to take a break from AO several times, they haven’t lasted longer then some weeks. Hopefully the break will last longer and I will have more time to do RL stuff.
I will continue to code on the secret project2k23 and I got several fr00b accounts that I can login if I want to chat with all of you.

To all that are thinking about starting to play an MMORPG, don’t it will ruin your life 🙂