Night cycling before going home

Took a ride down to the beach here in Ystad and back, needed something to do, started thinking again and needed to clear my head a bit.
Was quite nice down there, to bad I didn’t have any blanket or something with me, then I could have just sat down, and watched the ocean.
The cellphone don’t take perfect pictures, not even good pictures, in the dark. Well it is always something.

Going to start packing my things now, and then go to bed, we are driving of early tomorrow

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Midsummer with parents and granpa

Where out eating today with my parents and my grandpa, a nice little place close to the sea here in Ystad.
This will be one of the last posts here from Ystad, going home tomorrow morning.
Then I will see if I can go out biking all next week around in Stockholm. Got to do the laundry too, which kinda sucks.

Oh right, I found a funny movie a while back, can aswell post it here now.

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