Break, I hope this time

Well I have tried to take a break from AO several times, they haven’t lasted longer then some weeks. Hopefully the break will last longer and I will have more time to do RL stuff.
I will continue to code on the secret project2k23 and I got several fr00b accounts that I can login if I want to chat with all of you.

To all that are thinking about starting to play an MMORPG, don’t it will ruin your life 🙂

What are they whining about?

I don’t really get this, why are Islams whining about the pictures, what I have heard there newspapers have published ironic/comedian pictures of christian and other religions. And now it have gone so far that SÄPO – The Swedish Security Service, closed down one of the parties in Sweden and there news paper, cause they published a picture.

Muhammed Picture

How bad is that picture? I really don’t get why it have become a such big deal about it. We got something called the freedom to speak. And according to me the freedom to speak ways heavier then some rules a specific religion got.

If you don’t like it – don’t buy it – or live with it.