I met her twice – I faced here twice.
I didn’t say anything…
It was quiet, all to quiet.
I wanted to say so much to her, I was shy – much to shy.
But My heart still beats for her, more for every seconds that passes.
I wanted to say all things I haven’t said.
I want to see her. I want to feel her.
But I can’t.
I don’t really know her but I know one thing –
I’m in love –
Big Time


Why do I have to be happy one minute and sad another minute?
I was happy, then six words changed everything in a minute.
I can’t say anything, I want to say a lot, but I can’t.
I don’t know why;
could it be because I’m afraid of
what the person that made me sad would say?
I hate it – why did I call her up?
I would be happy if I hadn’t called her up.
She didn’t want to speak anymore today…
She said goodbye… and hanged up…
I messaged here “Won’t call you in a week”.
I don’t want to be sad again…
Not because of a stupid thing like this…
I won’t allow it to happen…


I’m a confused little boy in a world of problems.
Where all problems are hard like stones.
Even if the results are soft like love.
I have stopped at a stop-sign.
There are two ways –
one way to heaven
and one way to the world of problems.
Which way will I choose?
I think I know, but I won’t tell you.


Look at the quiet beauty.
The beauty you can look at for hours
Hours that feel like minutes,
Minutes that feel like seconds,
Seconds you want to last forever.
But nothing could last forever.
That’s life, the hard and sad life.