You make me smile every time I talk to you.
You make me sad every time we hang up.
I’ll miss you always – even when were talking.
Just of the thought that it won’t last forever.
It makes me sad, but you make me happy.
I wish it last forever… I wish you would here…

A girl

There is a girl – a nice girl.
A girl who I can trust,
A girl that talk to me,
A girl that says what she thinks.
The girl is so kind – but why?
Why is she living so far away?
In fact it isn’t one girl –
It might be many girls that I can trust.
But, all of them is living so far away.


Your a star on my sky,
The brightest of them all,
The finest of them all,
I follow you, every way you go.
I’m looking at the star every night –
Thinking of how it would be to have it here –
Close to me, beside me.
But it’s all thoughts.

Like You

I like you – you make me write positive.
No one but you will see these words.
They are for you – only you.
You are worth them
You are worth much more
But I can’t give you more.
I hope your happy – I’m not.
Don’t ask why, I have no answer.
It’s too bad, very bad.

Dark Side

I’m afraid – afraid of the dark side of people.
I have met it, I have faced it.
It isn’t a pretty sight.
It’s cold, like stones in the woods.
I don’t know how to protect myself.
Lock myself into a basement?
Just be there, by myself.
People can’t scare me anymore…